About Utility Scale Solar Summit 2017

Lebanon relies essentially on oil imports as its main resource for energy production. The average available electricity production capacity in 2009 (including imports) was 1,500 megawatts (MW) while the average demand was 2,000–2,100 MW. The instantaneous peak demand in the summer of 2009 was estimated at 2,450 MW. The total energy demand in 2009 was 15,000 gigawatt-hours (GWh) although the total produced energy (including imports) was 11,522 GWh. Accordingly, the electric energy deficit in Lebanon was estimated to be 3,478 GWh.

In Lebanon, electricity is basically generated from thermal and hydroelectric power plants. Approximately 7.5% of the total electricity production in 2009 was purchased from Syria (589

GWh) and Egypt (527 GWh) through regional interconnections. In addition to the deficit in electricity supply, the Lebanese electricity sector was facing several problems such as load shedding, technical losses, and the aging of power plants. This situation resulted in technical and financial impacts on customers, the Government, and the entire economy.

Utility scale projects in the region are coming into fruition with Jordan, Saudi and Egypt heading towards second and even third rounds. Lebanon’s first round is a pivotal moment for the solar industry and provides the sector a boost of confidence in the region.

Lebanon does not lack experience in delivering commercial-scale solar installation, however in 2017 utility scale 150MW opportunities will be the game-changer. The recently updated National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP 2016-2020) provides clear guidelines for delivering targets and given the high potential for development of the Solar PV plants the opportunity has been ear-marked to be as large as 1000MW.

The Utility Scale Solar Summit is the pivotal place for Middle Eastern, European and North Africa utilities to further develop new relationships to win business.

The strategic programme will be led by utility solar companies from the region, international EPCs, O&Ms from the international community. Experts showcasing their products will experience tailored sessions that focus on business development and knowledge sharing of the latest industry trends.

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