Eng. Zakaria Rammal
Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Energy and Water

Eng. Muhieddin Tawalbeh
Head of Energy Efficiency & Solar Thermal Division, National Energy Research Center of Jordan (NERC), Jordan

Eng. Lamya Abdelhady
Sector Head of Private Projects, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC), Egypt

Eng. Lamya Adbel Hady heads the Private Projects Sector at the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, and leads the Solar FiT Program for the Ministry. Her distinguished career spans 15 years with the Egyptian Electricity Authority (now EEHC) and she has worked in private renewable energy programs since 2007. Eng. Lamya is responsible for the BOO 250MW wind project in Gulf of Suez, BOO 10x20MW PV solar projects in Kom Ombo-Aswan and the Egypt FiT program with the target of achieving 2000MW wind projects and 2300MW PV projects. Eng. Lamya graduated from Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering Power Systems Dep and completed her MBA in Strategic Management in 2013 from the Cairo licenced Victoria School of Business

Saad Sabrah
Country Representative, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Lebanon

Heading the IFC mission in Yemen and overseeing all IFC country activities which include advisory services, business development and investment, as part of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and IFC’s Fragile and Conflict Affected Situations (FCS) Network.
General responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing all IFC country office affairs, identifying and originating a variety of business leads, and subsequently executing and monitoring advisory programs, investment transactions, and portfolio for the IFC in Yemen

Walid El Baba
Managing Director, WEBCO, Lebanon

Walid El Baba is a Mechanical Engineer with a specialized degree in heat transfer and refrigeration from IFFI Paris-France. He is the MD of Webco s.a.r.l in Beirut Lebanon and partner in engineering firms in the M.E area. He was a senior lecturer in the Lebanese University-Faculty of Engineering Branch III in Beirut from 1990-1994.He is the co-founder in 2001 of the Lebanese Solar Energy Society and was elected twice as president (2002-2003 and 2004-2005).He is very active in the renewable energy technologies and was behind the elaboration of the Lebanese norms for the solar thermal collectors as well as many awareness campaigns for the promotion of the solar thermal energy use in the construction field within the order of Engineers and Architects Beirut-Lebanon and Industrial Research Institute IRI. He received the Order of Engineers and Architects Beirut-Lebanon Medal in 2007 for his works in developing solar applications. He is member of Energy committee since 2008 and represents the Order of Engineers and Architects-Beirut in international solar events. He is an active member of various scientific organizations and societies and serves as editor in chief for the LSES periodical news letter. He is recently the co-founder of the Lebanon Green Building council LGBC and member of the executive board. His Lebanese company WEBCO is one of the pioneers for the use of the Renewable Energy in Lebanon.

Youssef Ghantous
President, Lebanese Solar Energy Society (LSES)

Jessica Obeid
Senior Project Engineer, UNDP-CEDRO, Lebanon

Specialized in renewable energy deployment from the technical and policy side, and access to energy for displaced populations, within international organizations.

Rami Alame
Capital Markets Lawyer – Venture Capital Law, Ororus Advisors, Lebanon

Mohammed Al Taani
Secretary General, Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), Jordan

Eng. Mohammed Al Ta’ani is the general manager of Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) & general manager of Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC). He is the founder of both JRES & AREC. He was working in the field of Renewable Energy since 1988 (Solar PV &Green Building) as Project manager and researcher and publish more than 25 papers. From 1999-2007 he was the project manager for the Renewable energy in King Abdullah the Second Design&Development Bureau (KADDB). In 2002 he was the Project manager for the Jordanian Solar Car & Zero fossil Fuel House (Eco House for KADDB) Project manager. He was the Vice Director of Energy Center in Jordan University from 2007 until 2008 where he was working as the founder of this center. He was the founder of the Global Net for Renewable Energy in the Desert regions (GNREADER). Also now he is Chairman of Renewable energy committee in Jordan Institution for Standards & Meteorology , Ambassador of the DONG energy solar challenge events in the middle-east countries (World Cup for Solar Powered Boats). Member in the board of directors of renewable energy center in Philadephia university.
Founder of green generation and Green schools in Arab countries starting from Jordan.
Technical advisor for the Arabian Green Energy Company.

Riad Assaf
President, Lebanese ASHRAE Chapter

Eng. Sherif Elhelwa
Vice President & Co-Managing Partner, Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), USA

Vice President & Co-Managing Partner of the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), Independent Consultant on Petroleum & Renewable Energies, Petroleum Engineer, Political & Economics Analyst, economics data interpretation, marketing, Journalist, Documentary films producer, and a media consultant savvy.

Worked on hundred-million dollars conflict and post-conflict energy projects to enhance, develope, and redevelop energy (oil & gas) and economic infrastructure.

Reported from war zones for various news agencies on the developments of political, economical, and energy infrastructure.

Experiences in economics, sales & marketing and ability to establish business models and contracts with clients and vendors.

I also worked in several countries including the United States as a Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer with international focus on Reservoir Engineering & Economics in target countries.

I negotiated Helium Sales contracts with the Russians, and price models implementations in the US Market.

My undergraduate school time focused on Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, International Economics, Finance, International Business and Emerging Markets.

Ali Badran
CEO, Fortress Offshore

Specialized in Banks’ Capitalization, capital provider and value enhancer for corporate, project and trade finance transactions; regional-global capital & credit provider for Financial Institutions, Sovereigns, Developers, and infrastructure transactions (Conventional & Shariah Compliant).

Balance Sheet Optimization (BSO), increase banks and corporate clients borrowing potential. Provide access to funding options; facilitate the Issuance Of Securities (“IOS”) through a Bond (Sukuk) Offering as marketable securities of investment grade.

Fortress provides funding & EPC contracting pertaining to Power Generation, Hydro, energy & oil related infrastructure and pipelines, communication infrastructure, water & wastewater treatment, canals & distribution facilities, mass transit systems, light rails and other mass transportation projects, related tunnels and roads, airports, aircraft & aviation services, supporting communications systems.

Ibrahim Kronfol
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Dar Al Handasah

Ibrahim is a Mechanical Engineer and Sustainability auditor with over 10 years of post-qualification experience at Dar Al Handasah (Shair & Partners), with a successful career record and extensive design and management experience of major projects in the gulf & middle east.
with the firm since 2005, working on a wide range of Mechanical Building Services and Project Management sectors. Ibrahim has contributed to a range of diverse applications within the construction industry. Ibrahim has provided sustainable engineering design solutions for the various design aspects of a wide range of projects, encompassing Airports; Hotels; commercial, Residential, Mixed Use; medical centers, Hospital; Educational Facilities and many others
Ibrahim has Also developed a comprehensive understanding, supported by academic certification, of Green Buildings design & project management procedures throughout his career experience of hyper complex projects.

Rabih Khairallah
Vice President, Lebanon Green Building Council

Eng. Rabih Khairallah is founder & CEO of Mecatrade CT, a mechanical engineering company based in Lebanon since 1993. He accumulated a solid experience through designing and executing mechanical solutions in State of the Art projects, ranging from Residential to Hotels & Hospitals in Lebanon & the neighboring Arab countries. Elected as President of the Branch of Mechanical Consultants Engineers in the Order of Engineers & Architects in Beirut in 2007, he achieved milestones in alignment with his vision to spread the crucial role of sustainability nowadays. Founder of the Sustainability Committee, ex-chairman of the Energy Committee, and also member of the scientific committee in the OEA. He served his second term as President of the Branch till 2013. Co-founder & board member of Lebanon Green Building Council LGBC since 2009, he is an active member in ASHRAE & the Lebanese Solar energy Society.